May 24, 2019



We want funking James Brown:

Too bad, because some evil record label is trying to deprive the people of the funk. Yeah, I'll go find more. But, just wait until you try and get some funk. Good luck. winking smiley

Love Power Peace MIA

James Brown - Love Power Peace - Live In Paris

My first taste of this super bad activity by the OG and Band was on Youtube. All hail Youtube as the killer place to get the funk.


I bought the CD here like two days ago because this show is so rocking:

I'll get back and write this review after I take in the whole set.

(update: Today was MLK Day and in observance, I'm waiting another day for the USPS to get me the goods. winking smiley )

(another update: I got the CD yesterday and I've been soaking it up. I'll be back soon with more commentary. winking smiley )

Another good vid: