May 24, 2019



The Stranger

We all have a face:

Back in the day, I used to be a smaller kid than I am now. And at some point in my youth, I got to thumbing through my Mom's records in search of some cool jams. I recall being maybe 10/11 when I stumbled across this album and I think the cover stood out...which I'm sure it had before, but that day was different.

The first song on the album Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) was the first one on the album I called my favorite. But, it's hard to really have any favorites on an album of this caliber. This is one of those every song is a classic type albums. The whole album tells me a story, which may or may not be another individuals interpretation, but the album does flow through a wonderful expanse of audio bliss.

The title track is a tour de force of existential lyricism and one funked out beat. The melody and groove have been sampled, but not enough, in my opinion. This is my all time favorite song if you force me to choose. I'd rather choose the album, because it really covers all the bases in terms of range of melody and emotion, and stylistic choices.

Zanzibar is one that I really love today, but probably didn't have a full appreciation for when I was ten. Today, the funky verse that leades into that jazz bop is just what I need. And this album has the best sax playing your gonna find. The whole package is here.

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is almost an album of it's own. Try writing a song like that and then you can be on my website.

I'll come back and expand (edit) more on this later. Surfs up! happy smiley

-the stranger

Great demo cut I found on YouTube:

Very cool and informative