May 19, 2019



What up?

Give me a minute...recent playlist:

Fly Me To The Moon-Frank, Basie, Jones

These Boots-Nancy Sinatra

When Ya Hot, Ya Hot! -Jerry Reed

Hot BBQ-Brother Jack McDuff

Coming Home Baby-(?)Funky Organ Grooves

Soul Bossa Nova-Herbie Hancock

Duffin' Around-Jack

Funky Drummer-James Brown

Casino Royale-Mancini

Lexington Avenue Line-Jack

Escape-Rupert Holmes

Down In Mexico-The Coasters

Always and Always-Benny Goodman

Soul Kitchen-The Doors

Chick Habit-April March

How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?-Nancy

Mission Impossible-Pantera


Come Fly With Me-Frank

Psycho Realm-Soul Assasins (Feat Cypress Hill)

Breezin'-George Benson

Spirit In The Sky-Norman Greenbaum

The 'In' Crowd-Ramsey Lewis Trio

The Bird-Jerry Reed


Oblighetto-Jack -this tune has the voodoo-ed

Voices-Russ Ballard

If I Ain't Got You-Alicia Keys

Channel Zero-PE

Easy-E-Easy Street

Eastbound and Down

Use Me-Wesley/JB's

These Boots-Loretta Lynn

Under The Blade-Twisted Sister (the original super raw cut, not that remixed crap)

Various Ventures, Mancini cuts, TV theme songs, etc...

Rise-Herb Alpert

[insert 42,314 repeats of Frank #1 above]