May 19, 2019



Violence Is Not The Answer

The systems of authority and the organizations that choose to respond must not submit to the escalation of violence. The system is pitting the police and the people against each other. And we all lose.
Don't let them turn us into pawns. And if you encounter someone who wishes to use violence as a solution, eliminate your associations with that person. The sad fact is most of those so-called "anarchists" starting mayhem are agent provocateurs, or worse, they're just stupid.
Most true anarchists are peace advocates and pacifists. Be wary of anybody that self applies such a label anyway. Or any label for that matter.
Don't hate the police. Hate doesn't solve anything. Everybody needs a job and if you feed the hate machine, than why should an officer of the law have any respect for you? Respect is a two way street. Free speech zones are not cool, but if you push the line, they have to respond. The government drew the line, the police just enforce it. Demand your leaders stop drawing these lines and the police and the people won't be pitted against each other in a war in the streets.
Demand freedom, so the police can use their efforts catching pedophiles. :)