May 19, 2019



The Obama Show

So, I guess that crook was doing another episode of that health care infomercial. Here's the letter I would send him in a non homeland security scenario. winking smiley

Dear President Obama,

I didn't tune into your show tonight because I had better shit to do. Are you really that insulated from the real world that you don't know what the hell is going on?

We're not watching TV, man. We're on social networks and youtube trying to figure out how to reverse this path of fascist tyranny you seem to have embraced from the previous administration and we can't figure out why the fuck we voted for you. I didn't, but I at least hoped you'd do something positive.

We're getting ripped off even worse and seem to be getting more war. You have lied about everything you said in the campaign. Either that was some hell of a briefing you got that changed your mind, or you're just another neocon puppet out to destroy America and enslave us all in global tyranny.

24 fucking trillion and you can't even tell us where it went. So, you sold my ass into $80,000 worth of tax burden and now claim you underestimated how bad the economy was?

So, I get no economic stimulus and I also don't happen to be on a "need to know basis" in regard to what your banker bosses did with the money.

And do all presidents now sign a form of cock sucking commitment to the military industrial complex, or is this just another banker run system?

And how about that return to Constitutional Law?

Woo-hoo! I'm waving my flag as they haul me off to the gulag!

God bless America, land where I get no trial, no lawyer to help out, not a single right to tout, I guess I'm just down and out.

Amazing I'm even engaging in this low level terrorism. You're really not worth the time I'm spending on this, except I might get a laugh at your expense.

Too bad it's not funny we all get fucked in the joke.

So, no I didn't watch your show. I've seen quite enough, thanks.

Hope your ratings do alright! No hard feelings, man.

Spark a big spliff before you try to sell people more fascism in your health care scam! That 60 Minutes shit was a hoot!


Another disgruntled independent voter.