May 22, 2019



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Studio Pics

Well, Stranger Sound has moved out of these digs. I think I was in there for about four years. It was a worthwhile investment for the first couple of years, but once I took the management (ex)-job, I was rarely in the studio. The investment was questionable at this point and I considered just moving everything back to the house, anyway.

Becoming unemployed didn't really give me a choice. So, take a look the pics. I've got some more and some video I'll get up eventually. They're old news, but thanks for checking the pics out, though!

And Karen (the landlord) was super cool and said I could come back who knows, I may be back in there at some point. ?


Here are some pictures of the studio right after we moved in. My partner opted out, but I'm still there. I'll have to take some pics to show the current setup. It's in the basement of a local mall. It's in the downtown area of a small town. Right across the street from the courthouse. And when I'm standing out behind the place smoking a cigarette (bleck!), all you can notice is the squawking noise. It's some noise maker in the bell tower to keep the birds out. Seriously. This is mixed with the canned music that plays downtown. Anyway, it's a great spot due to the fact that it closes at 6 and everyone is long gone by 9. Which of course means at night volume isn't an issue and I can shred at a nice "tonal" level. grinning smiley You can't do anything in there in the daytime. It's an old building and the floors creek something serious. So all you hear in the daytime is people walking around. I'm not in there in the daytime, so it works out great. Eventually, I'm just gonna buy the whole building and then I'll just do whatever I want. grinning smiley

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