May 19, 2019



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It's time for revolution:

Put down your guns and your hate. Put away your fears and your petty divisions. Put a stop to the lies and come together in a show of peace and love. It's time to demand truth and justice. It's time.

Take to the streets in peaceful protest. Take a stand. Let the fascist police state send the riot squads to beat us down. Let them be shown for what they truly are. Show the majority that we are truly not free. Show people what our servant government will do when you try to exercise your rights.

Massive protests. Show that we won't sit back and take it.

Massive labor boycotts. Bring the corporations to their knees.

Tax resistance. Bring the government to it's knees.

Anti-war action. Show the world we are a nation of peace, not perpetual war.

Forget the consequences. Forget the fear. What will happen will happen. We have no choice but to act now or forever be guilty in the downfall of freedom and liberty.

The truth is this type of action is going to result in a violent response from the government. The truth is we don't have a choice. We must face the truth or face the farce. Stand in solidarity and peace

End the war. Abolish the federal reserve. Abolish the IRS. End corporate monopolization of every sector of the marketplace! End the drug war. Defend the Constitution and The Bill of Rights! -Civil liberties! Health care! Fair wages! Labor rights and fair treatment in the workplace!

Repeal the Patriot Act and subsequent bills and acts that are contrary to the rights set forth in our Constitution.