May 24, 2019



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Quote the stranger

...I've put more in the quote generator on the home page. I'll update this later...;)

  • They say time is money...try telling that to the unemployed.
  • Income tax is slavery. Property tax makes us all tenants. You don't own your property, the government does. Default on your property tax and see who owns your place.
  • The only conspiracy is the conspiracy of denial.
  • Truth is the realization that the truth is a lie. -Did I steal this from somewhere? -ed
  • The core of all theology is the law of cause and effect. -Big claim, but it sounded better all hyped out. -ed winking smiley
  • Mind Over Matter!
  • 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
  • I had an idea that we need one Congressman who will agree to be the subject of a documentary. A modern Mr. Smith goes to Washington. This is a super idea for peaceful civil disobedience. And shining a light on it would surely help common people to better understand how control entities disrupt our system.
  • Our liberty and the right to be free from tyranny should be priority number one.
  • Why are politicians so corrupt? The question answers itself. Politicians...corruption. That's what they do. It why they are called politicians. Politics is corrupt.
    • The whole system of "politics" is what divides, detracts, and undermines our system of representation.
    • Politics is the sideshow distraction to keep people occupied and oblivious to the reality of absent representation.
  • Less reactivity, more creativity.
  • Where did my taxes go?
  • 23,000 years estimated to read the total of laws on the books.
  • I found this on the web:
    • There are three kinds of people in the world:
    • Those who do what they're told without question
    • Those who control them, and:
    • Those who refuse to play that game - Envied by the other two.
  • More web finds:
    • There was a CBS 20/20 special hosted by Sam Donaldson that proved outright fraud and deception in the textbooks of primary and secondary schools. One example was given where there were over 100 factual errors in the textbook. The most disturbing revelation from this show, however, was the fact that one high school history book contained three lines twice about George Washington, but six and a half pages of information on Marilyn Monroe. Since when did Marilyn Monroe carry more clout than the founding fathers?
  • My omphaloskepsis has caused me to defenestrate my television.

Subsequently an urt had evaded my cryptomnesia. I pondered on it's existence like I would savour petrichor. I remembered the termagant frippet and recalled my young panglossian nature. Was this a proprioception? Was this some product of my time in the kakistocracy that caused this palimpsest?

This enervating text is dismellifluous. Sesquipedalian diatribes are like syzygy.