May 24, 2019



Is it the poor's fault they're poor?

The reality here is that both sides of this debate are right and wrong.

A. There is an obvious lack of opportunity. Basic math would demonstrate that there isn't enough jobs and/or capital for everyone to live at the same level. Capitalism pretty much will not function without classes. And what would happen if everybody had a college degree? I think we would see what we are already starting to see...degreed people working service jobs.

B. The only person stopping you from success is yourself. People can make a million excuses as to why somebody is poor, but ultimately the responsibility for your place in life resides with you. Tired of being poor? Do something about it. There is opportunity for those who want it, those who have the desire to go out and get it.

I'm one of those people that grew up in conditions that should have me bound to a life of poverty and misery (according to some here). And I may still nont be rich, but I'm wealthy in spirit and that is what counts for me. I'm also proud to say that I have achieved a large number of my goals, in spite of my childhood. And some would say people that rise from these conditions are the exception, and I don't disagree with that.

But, what is the difference between those who rise above and those who don't?

Nothing at all. Just choices. You can choose to stay at you current station in life or you can choose something better. It's up to you.

I agree that the general populace is being raped by the coporations and the government in this "un-free market". And these economic conditions and gross monopolization at every turn do affect opportunity.

The responsibility still resides with the individual and the collective. As long as the "poor" keep sitting back and letting the rich treat us as subjects and servants, then we are responsible for our situation.

So in a sense, it is the fault of the poor that they are poor. They refuse to make the effort to form a collective to address the economic inequalities we see today.

And the rich don't get rich by sitting around doing nothing. They get where they are because they will accept nothing less than the achievement of their goals. They take advantage of the opportunities that exist (corrupt, unethical, and unjust that they may be), rather than obsess over the opportunities that don't exist.

The truth is not black and white, left or right. The truth is somewhere in the middle, where common sense outwieghs the burdens of partisan garbage.

Do the poor create poverty? No. But they do accept it and are complicit in the conditions that create it.

Do you oppose the war? Do you pay taxes? Do you agree with the actions of your government? If not, you might reconsider the funding you provide. It doesn't have to be tax-resistance or civil disobedience, but it is imperative that (individually and as a collective) we do something to make our voice heard and insure that our government acts in a moral and ethical manner, with proper regard to The People and the other nations of planet Earth.