May 19, 2019



Can Ya Give Me A Ride?

All I know is I'd give a homeless drunk a ride to the liquor store and buy him dinner before I'd give a nickle to a crackhead.

"Can you give me a ride across town?" "Got a cigarette?" "Can ya loan me a couple of dollars, I'll get you back in a couple of hours?"

Fuckin' straight line all the way from Heritage Court all the way to Moore's Cafe. It's like a trail of ants, man. Only it ain't breadcrumbs........IT'S FUCKIN' CRACK, MAN!

[Lots of laughter in the background]


No, I ain't given you a fuckin' ride. And I ain't given you a couple of dollars, either.

Damn, I can't even step out the studio for two seconds without people fuckin' hittin' me up for cigarettes, want a fuckin' ride across town....give me a couple of dollars and shit... People like yelling at me from like fifty yards away... "HEY! HEY, MAN!" ...fuckin' people running up on me and shit just cause I step out the fuckin door.

Damn that's some stupid shit. Brought to you by the motherfuckers walkin from the uh "Yeah, brought to you by motherfuckers walkin from the uh taxpayer assisted government housing all the way over to the seediest bar in town."