May 19, 2019



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(IE still not working.)

This is some web code I was tweaking to be able to view multiple social networking sites in one window. The actual goal would be a platform that could aggregate info from various sites and be able to interact with the sites.

Many people are very connected and have multiple accounts they maintain regularly. Being able to access them all at once would be nice. So, this is my attempt to demonstrate what could be a great idea and considering the latest trends in web technology and communications, I would think that this shouldn't be that hard. Myspace can be accessed from a variety of of sources (computer/cell phone/etc), so that tells me you can already communicate and issue commands through various technological communications medium.

What I would like to see is a site that let's you input all your your social networking sites (mine would be myspace, facebook, youtube, etc...) and then just log in that one site and get feeds from all of your sites in one account.

Anyway, I did a web hack to get the job done for now. If you're using Opera, Chrome, or another alternative browser, let me know what it did for you.

You can't really do much about the sites that break out of the frames and start a new page. But, you can figure out how to avoid it. And if you're using FF, just click the links you know will break out with the wheel (new tab). happy smiley

There is a few bugs. Like Myspace works fine until you click a video...then it breaks the frame. So, it's not perfect, but if you know how to get around the bugs, you can save from having 37 tabs open like me. winking smiley

My goal is to make a way for users to be able to use and control multiple social/net sites at once. That's the source of this little experiment, if your interested.

This isn't a traffic ploy or content/bandwidth theft. Which really is bull that framing another site on yours is theft...most sites pay you to bring them traffic and displaying another website is getting it more hits and that hit would have resulted in the same bandwidth. Most sites these days are making new and exciting ways to embed their site on your site. So, I think that idea is a bit antiquated anymore. Perhaps these sites just aren't thinking outside the box. winking smiley

So, if you like it use it and tell me what you think. Check back...I'm gonna do a couple versions and then a templete people can plug there own info into. -the stranger