May 24, 2019



Nader 08

I agree that Bush was sincere...

I totally disagree...of course. I don't understand how you can know the history of these people and think that. He may have been sincere, but it sure wasn't in the interests of the people. The guy gives an address in response to 9/11 and is fighting back that usual shit eating grin of his. He/and his backers were sincere in screwing us over.

I think that people are so scared to admit the truth, that they color their own perceptions in order to protect their fragile psyche.

Everybody else is throwing in their two cents...let's hope mine is the not the last word.

People think me and the others are the extremists, but the fact is the people who deny the obvious truth are the extremists. Look what I've been saying to this audience for a numbers of years. I laid out the facts the day of 9/11 right here in this forum. I was ridiculed and scorned. Now, how many people see the truth? Maybe the majority should start listening to the so called "extremists" in the first place. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses.

Obama and McCain are the same. End of story. Game over. The debates were a complete joke and a mockery of our system. Any endorsement is automatic guilt of complicity. Pragmatism=failure.

I will not personally tolerate any more of this pragmatic compromise as a political stance bullshit. Anybody that votes for either of the two party candidates is either a sell-out, a person with nefarious intent, or just a moron.

Sorry, but it's true. Check back here in 8 years and we'll see that the extremists are right. Gentleman's bet.

How much more proof do people need until they demand an end to the charade? How many more implications of guilt do we need before we start bringing up charges? Why are politicians above the law?

If you tolerate the actions of the two party monopoly, you are part of the problem. I'm sorry this has to reach a level of offense, but I'm offended at decades of government corruption that only gets worse, with no response on the part of the American people.

You cannot blame a politician, or a party, or a corporation, or any other convenient scapegoat for any problem this country faces...the people are to blame. You and me, man. We're guilty of the greatest crimes against humanity and we do nothing.

We sit and accept the lesser of two evils because it's convenient. We sit back while our tax dollars fund endless unknowns. You have no clue where your tax money goes. You accepted a substandard education for yourself and your children, because it was convenient to do so. You fund and cheer mediocrity as we descend into chaos. Tax=? How many people did your tax dollars kill today? How many lies did your taxes pay for today? How many back-room deals did your tax dollars pay for today?

People are scared. The government kills people. It's what they do. And they do it well. Look at last cultural revolution that ended with bullets. Bullets for students, bullets for presidents. Tear gas and militarized police to keep you in the "free speech" zone. And people should be scared. Look what happened when people backed down.


Vote out the tyranny and evil that plague the minds of men with lies and manipulation. Violent coercion. We sleep in complacent and docile subservience. We submit to the leash of authority. Now that we gave our power to authority, we have no choice but to submit or fight.

Refuse to submit. I want freedom, that's what I want. And that's what you should want.

I'm voting Ralph Nader. He didn't pay for this message, but he's a good guy. And far more qualified for the job than these jokers we see offered up this round.

If you cherish real issues and real solutions and truth in general, find a real candidate that will actually represent your ideals, not some compromise. Don't listen to me, do your own research. Draw your own conclusions. For God's sake, don't vote for somebody because of a sign in somebody's yard!

CIVIC LESSON: A sign in somebody's yard is propaganda, and just might demonstrate how stupid you are. Avoid prefab, puppet show signs. Make stuff like my neighbor does: "I'm a bitter gun owner and I vote."

Now, regardless of whether you agree with him or not (and I think he may be victim of some partisan mindsnare), I admire his zeal. He takes his rights seriously. And he exercises his right to dissent. He's like 80 years old or something! He had a sign about aides killing fags one year! Yeah. :eek:

But, he rocks because he acts. He may be wrong, but at least he's doing something. He's challenging the system. He doesn't just accept the status quo. And most importantly, he votes. And past elections have shown that low dem/liberal turnout to the polls will allow the fundamentalist bloc to win. Not some third party helped elect a Republican nonsense. If the liberal/socialist bloc in this country voted in full numbers, imagine the change you would see.

I'm voting for Ralph Nader, because JFK would have voted for Nader 08. We are way overdue for a great populist candidate and we have one in Nader. Ron Paul. And if the Dem Party had any sense at all, they would have nominated Dennis Kunich. He should have went on CNN with Ralph and Ron.

CIVIC LESSON 2: A politician is just that. A representative is what you need, not a politician. Political parties are like religions. A system built on ideals that manifests the opposite of those ideals. ;)

Anyway, I'm trying to ease down from the subversion earlier. Hope I didn't offend anybody. But, maybe you needed offended. I'm offended by partisan bullshit, as should be expected.

|This message was paid for by the men who gave their lives to protect The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.|

Yeah, I like that...

Who would JFK vote for? It wouldn't be Obama.


Thank you for tolerating this "was coherent to start, but drifted into mayhem" message from our sponsers