May 22, 2019




So how's that for content? I have to wonder why I expend all this energy into what seems to be a black hole. Gotta keep on movin' on.

Looks like the Democrats won the election, in the sense. (06) So what are the odds of the lesser of two evils actually rewarding us for this honor of having no real value than "other". What the fuck, man. I gotta take a tums after I vote, because I'm ill from having to vote straight dem. grinning smiley Let's hope I get something for my contribution, seeing as how it's always the rage to blame us third party voters for their own parties inadequacies. ie: A vote for who-ever is a vote for who-ever's opposition and some such partisan mumbo-jumbo type voodoo I ain't never had no use for. Why use proper english when you don't really have much to say? It's like you fell obligated to just rant because you have a blog. This responsibility to talk to myself. This shit is hard work. How the hell can you write a column everyday? You gotta be seriously full of shit. Worse than me, and that's unfathomable. Ya know?

What the fuck is this guy talking about. I like to type to the beat and sometimes when you get into some jazz 3/4 time shit is really easy to get your hands all tied up in knots, especially since I'm typing with two fingers. So, if I get some actual contribution to cyberspace, I'll stop back. :thu: