May 19, 2019



The New World Order

[note: I'm still holding Dennis in high regard because he's still working for change...the following is just rampant speculation for amsument purposes only] -ed happy smiley

It looks like the powers that be have dropped the bomb. I just received this video, which talks real big, but mainly asks for your money. Keeps saying "we", but it's always help us (the politicians), never any real suggestion on actual civic duty or representation. No discussion of actual issues, no mention of anything specific except to send money. I lost a lot of respect for the guy watching the vid. He seems like a shill. It's too bad, too. Dennis Kunicich.
Contribute: The hope that exists in the energy of the new year is in our ability to create new conditions. We can draw forth peace from war and wealth from poverty. Listen to this important New Year message from Congressman Dennis Kucinich. (This is from his channel on Youtube)

He acts like a shill. Combine this with Kissinger speaking about "the chance to use these conflicts and economic conditions to forge a new world order"...on the same day.
Now, what we are seeing here is unprecedented in the frequency in which politicians and leaders use those words. I always figured Dennis was legit, but I'm left wondering now. Of course, he could just be co-opting the terms in an attempt to defeat the opposition. Who knows?
It's getting to the point that I think Obama, Bush, Ron Paul, Nader, Kunicich, Alex Jones, and every damn figurehead out there is a goddamn pawn. Yeah, I know. You're gonna say I have paranoid schizophrenia and I'm delusional.
In a world governed by espionage and subterfuge, there is no truth. Only lies upon lies upon lies upon lies. Media interference is obvious...we stopped getting real news like years ago. I say it's the general public that's delusional. The truth scares them so bad, they are in willing denial. Nobody will stand up and defend what's right. I'm not paranoid, I have heightened awareness and I'm informed. Perhaps it's actually you that's paranoid and that's why you won't listen to me. I get it all the time, you know ...that look. If trying to understand the world around me and make it a better place makes me crazy...
I say I'm watching our liberty being stripped from us, and nobody is doing anything about it. Take Alex Jones for example: Why doesn't this guy run for office or do some lobbying or something? He's got clout and he's got charisma. But, enough time has elapsed without action that you have to start to wonder what his purpose is. Screaming like a madman with no real solutions doesn't really help much. He's a great source of info...or is he? Are you sure you aren't being force fed (through fear, of course) a certain program? I can tell you right now there are plenty of people that are going to resist. How many years have the CIA been pumping out all this NWO shit? Talk about creating fear. Alex sells fear. Yeah, he's got the goods...but, he still questionable. And just how does he get all this info? He's got plenty of credibility when it comes to information.
But, you have to ask yourself: Why are they giving us this info? Programming a response? Disinformation campaigns? Are they giving us a chance to rectify our situation before they enslave us all?
You have to ask yourself why Ron Paul, Nader, Dennis, Alex Jones, and all these other renegades who say exactly what you want to hear, but never take serious action beyond the usual drumming up support.
And I think this whole goddamn puppet show is trying to incite a revolt. I'm a reasonable individual, but most people are not. No tin foil theories needed. And I can already tell you that this term being dropped in the same day is gonna send a bunch of people nuts. And look at the actions of the feds. We've already demonstrated they are gearing up for civil unrest. Combine this with more media induced tension regarding racial tension, economic tension, and all these other factors at play. Somebody is trying to START civil unrest. Corporations, evil bankers, fucking Mork From Ork, I just don't know who's running the show.
Obama and crew want mandatory civil service...are people really this brainwashed? It's the Fourth Reich! The Nazis didn't have shit on these guys we got running The U.S.
For those who will say we need a new world order, I say humankind is not ready for the new world order. Nations and peoples are being coerced by governments to achieve government's ends. How many innocent people died in the 20th century to serve the agendas of governments? How many innocent people are dying right this minute due to governments? Why is the middle east a warzone? Because the governments of the world designed it that way. Only a moron could have thought the UN solution would work. Thankful for them, people didn't have access to any information at all that contrasted the media promoted viewpoint.
Your free will is subverted through mass hypnosis. The science is there. The media controls your mind.
Our liberty depends on the preservation of our nation. And the fact is the proposed new world order is one that is being built on fear and outright coercion. The last century, American's have lived a life of coercion, where their every deed is questioned. Your rights and liberties were subverted years and years ago. This way you don't make a stand when they make the actual legal shift and dissolve The Constitution as the supreme law. Our country is doomed to submit to foreign rule in the globalization of the world. A globalization that is false. Gross manipulation for particular interests through warfare and tyranny.
I think the powers that be want us to rebel. I think one concept is mankind collectively evolves through revolution at a more rapid pace. I think the other is a quick and dirty lock down. Suspension of your rights "for the common good" or "your safety".
The theory of the clash of tribalism and progressivism is now a fact. What we are seeing is the marginalization of tribalism. The point where the tribes or the nations of the world are being forced to progress or be left behind. And war is the primary tool to assimilate tribalism into progressivism.
One need look no further for the clash between tribal and progressive societies than the majority of conflicts today.
They are selling you peace through coercion. Peace through war. Your peace is going to be in a militarized police state. Dennis said it himself, peace through war, wealth through poverty. How much doublespeak can we get around here?
Damn, this world gets more bizarre by the minute. True peace comes from peace, not war and suffering. Militarized coercion is not peace. Look it's called a police action and it isn't peace. It's false peace.
Like peace through 600 ICBMs. That's not peace, that's a militarized build up usually referred to as a "cold war". That's what they're making here, perpetual cold war. That's the war on terror in a nutshell.
How many of our greatest leaders warned us of the exact circumstances we face today? They knew it would come. That's why they designed the system the way they did. All the solutions to our nations ills are right there. It's the very neglect of these principles that has led us down this road. And those liberties are the only thing that can save us from tyranny.
True peace resides in liberty, not a world order built on war and suffering. Those who try and sell us the new world order and it's so-called "peace" are the ones who starve nations and murder innocent children. They kill anyone who stands in their way. Shall I make a list off hand?
Our country is in criminal standing with the world. We are guilty of crimes against humanity on numerous counts. I'm not a traitor. I love my country and the foundation of rights extending from the individual. I am being coerced to fund crimes against humanity and the environment. I am an unwilling participant in the genocide of millions. From the systematic destruction of the Native Americans and their culture, to the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi children. I love my form of government, but that form of government and what we stand for is being subverted. Rather blatantly, I might add.
The only hope for our liberty is to save this nation through admission of guilt and reparations to the victimized. We must also hold those who sit in power accountable for the deeds they would ultimately lay at our feet.
And above all else, realize that our representative form of government demands our allegiance to and vigilance to protect these principles of liberty.
Our system of government is one of the people, by the people, and for the people. In The United States, the rights of the individual is the basis of our government. Individual, state, nation. And I suppose a world body with which we are a treaty to. ;)
But, all forms of government should should be built on the foundations of the rights of man (humankind). The rights of liberty and freedom. Coercion is not freedom. The founding fathers knew what they were doing when they drafted The Bill of Rights. To forfeit those rights is to forfeit your liberty. Nowhere in the UN Declaration of Rights does it say anything about the basic liberties from government intrusion. That's the whole problem with the system they are trying to sell us. It will no longer put you first. You will be a servant of government. Today it's mandatory community service and then next thing you know, you're in a camp somewhere because you're an "enemy combatant" because you refuse to be coerced and you value your liberties.
It's all there in the Constitution. We have the power. We must use it. And we must use it collectively.
It's time for the American people to make a list. A list of items and issues that every American agrees on. We set the dialog, we make the rules.
The window for the new world order is open. But, so is the window to collectively take our country back from the power brokers. We don't need government's agenda to tell us what we need.
We need to tell them what we need. We need to hold them accountable for the duty they are charged with. We need to stop being an accomplice to the nefarious deeds of those in power. The only way to protect our individual liberty is through the collective.
The time is now. Make a stand. I personally think we need major labor strikes and massive boycotts to bring those in power to their knees. Gandhi style civil disobedience until we get results. I also think we need to start charging large numbers of elected officials with treason, along with those who fund them.
If you want to win the war on terror, it's time to shut down the federal government until a full audit of the last fifty years can be performed and the subsequent charges brought against those who are guilty.
I also think we need to amend the Constitution immediately to increase representation to more adequately reflect the will of the people. An amendment is not necessary, Article 1, Section 2 provides us the means for more representation. But, an amendment that would dictate a more fair level according to population would be in our best interest.
And how about we pick one issue and do a demonstration to show how easy it is to enact change. One issue, people. We the people shall demand action from our leaders in collective form. What's one issue everybody can agree on?
Taxes. First thing that comes into my mind. Nobody likes taxes...well, we also don't like a whole bunch of things our government is doing. Wow. We can cut the funding for their evil plots and reduce our taxes. What a deal!
Get to it. I want to see some action. This forum: All discussion should relate to the primary issue of taxation until we have enacted change and then we can go on to the next. Are you an American, or an American't?
Oh yeah: Here's the other vid that the tin foil people are going to have a heyday with. It's been slow in the propaganda streams lately, with the transition and all. ;)