May 24, 2019



Never Suffer a Fool

beyond misery and the need to control you're not dissin me and when i gotta get on a roll you aint missin me listen see i go with the flow ya know i get down another round o' sound yo time to get down to get up what the fuck fuck it up yo dont pass the buck d yo info get with da renfro wouldn't ya know ya got dealt with a lo blow infidel and its just as well ya grow another face another time and place and ill still be there cause you really dont care fucking backstabber!

know the enemy realize the lies that be look in my eyes and see i am the one that be yo mind over matter i'm the f mad hatter and if you fuck with me it's a fuckin disaster

are kidding me? the m/fr's crazy any fool that would try faze me you can try and blaze me amuse and amaze me do what ya want but the shit don't phaze me

i never suffer a fool