May 24, 2019



The Forum Report #1

Welcome to The Forum Report! This is going to be a regular installment where I show you some of the best conversations you are gonna find. And the forum/s I happen to reside on are a hotbed of insight, commentary, and outright bizarre shit. Or maybe some really strange stuff. One or the other, I hope you will be amused. And you might learn something.

Can We Discuss Election 2008?

"I'm very worried about current path our country is on. I'm not a 911 conspiracy theorist, but obviously some very serious mistakes / crimes have occurred and been covered up since and before that date. If we're to move on as a country, I think it's very important that we have a real, impartial investigation of where the country went wrong and who caused it, so that any persons breaking the law and violating the Constitution can be identified, punished, and made an example of so that this can never happen again - if that's even possible."

Why does Jesus have a machine gun?

"Nah, we all win when we have religious figures with machine guns."

I need more uses for the colon:

"Sometimes I do have a bad attitude. Why should I have a positive attitude in the face of unchecked tyranny and oppression?"

The death of physical media and it's repercussions on the consumer.

"Not to mention, that's when you were supposed to go buy the album again, so the artist received another 27 cents from you."
Cool! Stay tuned for more!

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