May 22, 2019



Forum Bits 2

But you'll find Libertarians arguing against anti-trust enforcement as misguided liberalism.

You'll also find people painting with a broad brush.
That's incorrect. A libertarian believes in the free market, and anti-trust law is one part of that.
What libertarians don't like is corporate legislation crafted to benefit one sector of the market, which is what the so-called regulation they sell us actually is.
Regulation is where the corporations screw us and the government helps.
You just have some personal problem with libertarians because they shatter your democratic faithful crap. I've seen it all these years.
For all the years that have passed, I've been right far more times than you have. You don't like us because we're right. I just don't appreciate being insulted every time you utter something about a libertarian. You are doing the same thing the right does to liberals.
Libertarian doesn't imply the party or some corporate think tank propaganda.
I'm a libertarian because I believe in civil liberties. Something the democratic party sold out on a long time ago.
Libertarian socialist to be more specific. You can ask Noam what I think. Maybe Nader can tell ya. Ron Paul would sum it up perfectly.
Libertarians are what liberals ain't got the stomach for.