May 22, 2019



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a) This is not 1933
b) You can't step in the same river twice, and
c) No one is proposing the same policies as those of 1933.
Caulk Rocket has been suckered into the right wing strategy of trying to hobble Obama before he even gets started.
Anyone who reads this forum knows that I am NOT a fan of the big bailouts that we have seen so far, but they will also know that I am NOT a fan of arguments based on faulty logic and misleading motives. This thread fits into the second category and as a result almost all of the arguments that follow will be worthless. Frame a false debate and you get false content. There is a real lack of honest and useful debate on this forum.

Would you accuse me of that? I agree with these same ideas. I'm not short of honest and useful debate. The truth is scary, we are sorry that people are so reluctant to admit it.
I can sit here and prove Obama is a neocon. His voting record says enough. His parallels in foreign policy, his parallels in corporate favoritism, and the CFR and on and on...want video proof?, would policy statements do it? what do I need to do to convince you a fraud is being perpetuated on the American people?
This article is more than applicable to the current situation. And yes, it does frame the debate in a certain manner...that's the point!
The puppet show is a fraud, why can't you admit that?
How much proof do you need?
Obama's appointments are an exact verification of previous suspicions.
And it may not be 1933, but it still matters. To forget the past dooms us to repeat it. Welcome to the machine. United States Revenue Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve. These two changed us from free men to servants.
How much more proof do you need? The bankers took over the world in 1913. They consolidated wealth through successive governments and eventually wielded the most economic power, ergo they took over the world.
Fast forward to now...