May 24, 2019



Fight To Be Free

Track taken from 1988's "Survive" by Nuclear Assault

I am sick and tired of the way you've let things slide Just because we're young doesn't mean we can't decide If you think that we ain't got a thought inside our heads I'm telling you right now that you better think again

Now we'll see what we can do for ourselves It's time to show us some concern I'm sick of your goddamned apathy It's time to stand up and make yourself free

You have held us back and pushed us down for all our lives When it comes to running things you've done a half-assed job It is time that you learned it's what you do not what you say And if you refuse to learn we're gonna make you pay


Viet-Nam and Lebanon, other people's wars I won't fight unless it's right, corporate wars no-more I believe this country's worth my life to help defend I won't fight to help keep Dow Jones out of the red