May 22, 2019




The popular notion that we are in some wave of political conservatism is false.

This is the most liberal admin and congress this nation has ever seen. (GWB) And the so-called conservatives that vote for them are the most liberal voting block ever. What we see now is the government getting pretty much free reign to do whatever they want. That is political liberalism.

Complete lack of fiscal restraint. Total disregard for civil liberties. Total disregard for any type of diplomacy, or restraint. Total disregard for the actual principles of The United States in our dealings with other nations. No respect for soveriegnty. No respect for property rights. Total disregard for the environment and the health of it's citizenry. Gross corporatism. Total disregard for ethics in the political process. Favortism and (whatever that one other word I'm looking for is) all through the poltical system.

Now please explain how any of this can be considered conservative? Even when taken as the political definition of the word, you still can't reconcile this total contradiction.

Vote your conciensce, not some party line. This is responsibility, not football. And try to ignore all the propoganda and use your common sense.