May 22, 2019




First we have this cell-phone headset/earpiece thing that has provided a perfect excuse for walking around in Wal-Mart appearing to have a conversation with yourself.

Now you can just get on the net and start rambling with reckless abandon. No more debating the bots over at the poli forum. Now you have the freedom to engage yourself in any topic, anytime, in any language you like. No longer are you bound by the restrictions that a normal conversation requires. No responses to clutter your thought processes. Nobody trying challenge your stupid ideas about anything. No occasional stroking of the other person's ego just so they still listen to your streams of verbal masturbation designed for the sole intent of entertaining ones self.

It's a free for all out here and I'm gonna go out of my way to express myself without the confines of these "conversations". Yeah, I'm sure I'll go back to my normal intereactive ways once I get my ass out of this chair. Right now, I'm free.

Like all good things, freedom is gonna have to wait. I gotta get a pack of smokes. Gotta do my part to help the State Of Ohio cover all those overdrafts.