May 19, 2019




What's funny is I think I'll take WMG to court for mental distress because I have that JB '71 Olympia vid on my YouTube page and every time I go to play it, I'm just waiting for that dreaded message. winking smiley


We got a call at the home office about the fact that we don't have any country music on the website. Of course, corporate calls down here and starts giving me shit saying I'm engaging in some sort of genre discrimination. I told them who did they think was running the show here?!

It's become increasingly obvious that my position is one of purely show and I have no real authority. winking smiley


hold on a sec...

42809 Dudeism

I gotta get to bed...

It's late.


Gotta couple new jams up. Still doing site work. Check out the tunes and stay tuned!

Ghetto Blast!

New Jams:


I got a few pics processed. Check 'em out! Lacy took a couple great ones!

Here's Lacy!

The Side Yard:

Lacy Took This One:

She took this great one of me and my bro!

Fresh Tulips In The Side Yard:

The Uke:

I Set The Drums Up In The Living Room:


So, I got some updates going on the website. I also managed to hit the chronological mark of 40. winking smiley

I did a freestyle for my birthday.

I also started a little ditty called "Just A Day":

  just another day
  everyday gotta find a way
  ya know its just another
  everyday gotta find a way

  i keep fighting the good fight baby
  i keep fighting the good fight
  I'm never givin up

Just an idea that needs more, but you can check it out:

I also got some nice birthday wishes and had a great day all in all.
I just remembered I got some pics Lacy and I took!

I'll post them in the next blog, cool? winking smiley

the stranger


Deek has the news:



If you can't tell, they sold us out again. frowning smiley

Mandatory reading:

60 something pages of dry reading:


It's real name is the telepathy vision box and the 7 largest corporations in the world in 1941 funded research in to telepathy vision, and if the box said their product was best the population went and bought it. There are books wrote in the 40's containing the manifests from inventor and sponsors regarding the abilities of mass control via fear or confusion via telepathy vision, and how the public would themselves pay to be programmed!

Dear America

New Democratic President: Time to make demands!!!

No need to settle for some idea of policy he has for's we the people and we need to stand the fuck up and start demanding justice in this country!

End the war. Abolish the federal reserve. Abolish the IRS. End corporate personhood! End the drug war. Defend the Constitution and The Bill of Rights! -Civil liberties! Health care! Fair wages! Labor rights and fair treatment in the workplace!

Repeal the Patriot Act and subsequent bills and acts that are contrary to the rights set forth in our Constitution.

Our liberty and the right to be free from tyranny should be priority number one.

And for God's sake, demand more representatives!

You have the right to more adequate representation!

The current level does not reflect the diversity of the constituency:




Live Love

New articles:

Old Articles:

Check out my rantings at the blog/forums, if you need that sort of thing:

Election 2008 results:

Election Results Represent Logan County Totals Only -November 4, 2008

Total Registered Voters 30,583 Total Votes Casts 21,854

Percentage of Turnout


OFFICE / CANDIDATE VOTES President and Vice President

   Chuck Baldwin (CON) 	---57
   Bob Barr (LIB) 	---95
   Richard Duncan 	---13
   John McCain (REP) 	---13440
   Cynthia McKinney (GRN)--46
   Brian Moore (SOC) 	---6
   Ralph Nader 	-----------196
   Barack Obama (DEM) 	---7615
   Write-In 	-----------66

Nader 08 Gets Serious!

Central Ohio - Serious grassroots Nader fan gets his signs out in full force. The last two weeks of Election 08 are upon us and it's down to the wire. We asked Mr. Smith why he was voting third party, to which he replied: "I'm tired of seeing these crooks ripping us off. And I'm even more tired of them stripping us of our rights and liberty."

It seems though some pundits claim the choice isn't a choice, we do appear to have other choices, as demonstrated by this super-dedicated Nader supporter. Mr Smith said: "If I just get people to think, then I've done my job."

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