Apr 24, 2019



What up?

This is where a few of my old blogs reside. Who knows what I was thinking at the time. You live and learn, ya know? winking smiley

update: A better idea would be to check out The Feed for my latest postings or at soulboom.com where you can check out my tumblr blog in more excruciating detail. All my latest photos and art are posted there, along with all the cool stuff I get in my tumblr feed. Thanks!

Check it out!

There's a cool jam for ya, since I'm real bad about keeping the imagery updated. I have like folders and gigs of stuff I've done and who knows how much is cool and should be uploaded? I'll try to get on it. Thanks!

I recently archived this page (it was getting too big), but you can find the link to the previous blog entries below. Thanks!

And just so you know, I usually try to keep a steady stream of vids coming from youtube, but if I'm slacking, head over to youtube and check my favorites...I add stuff pretty much daily. And there's youtube vids all around...so check it out!

The King

If you only watch one video today, this should be it. It will cure all your ills. Thanks to the guy who did this subtle, yet mind blowing mix/mash/edit.

I Am The Night!

U Got it!


Fly Me To The Moon


Wade In The Water


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