May 24, 2019




Why is it that Ralph Nader embodies the spirit of balanced progressive government, but Dems think it's a "wasted vote"?

I think the wasted vote is on these lame candidates the dems pull from some other world.

Democratic Party faithful are like suffering from beaten constituent syndrome, where they have a subconscious need to be royally screwed. The take a beating and keep on repeating.

Try and accuse Ralph of losing your elections is a cop-out. Who got W elected the first time? Bill Clinton. His behavior and the media play on it gave the fundamentalists a power surge and that combined with democratic party member apathy got W elected. The Village Idiot. Who talks to aliens. A real Manchurian Candidate. Raised from the womb. Groomed to sneer in the face of terror. Programmed for mass murder without a conscious. Destined to engage in mispeak that ends up being triplespeak. An Orwellian Nightmare. I dare you to come up with a devil or demon, real or fictional, that wields the same level of evil as the big double-ya...

Here's my catchphrase for Election '08:

Quote: Why didn't Kucinich get the nomination? Same reason Ron Paul didn't get the nomination.

Nader 08