May 22, 2019



Bad News

Dimebag is dead.

Damage Plan show at the Alrosa Villa (my fav club) was the scene of a brutal rampage by some crazed bastard named Nathan Gale. The suspect was shot and killed by a local police officer who was in the area when the shooting started. It seems two fans were also killed and at least 5 more were injured. It isn't clear, but it seems another member of the band might be dead, too. My guess is that this has something to do with the breakup of Pantera. Pantera fans are among the most rabid I've have seen (besides Slayer). And Phil Anslemo was an icon in the underground scene and had a fan base of his own (outside of Pantera). I would assume that this deranged fan had some serious issues (obviously) and was some sort of Phil devotee. Who knows? It was also pointed out on a forum I frequent that this was the anniversery of John Lennon getting shot and killed. Sad day times 2. What the fuck is wrong with the world today?