May 19, 2019



Below Blue Skies

yo im hangin' out chillin' i got da beat rollin' the streets in my '78 Caprice im wreckin' necks got the vex come from tex said a poor m/f'r aint cashin no checks yo i still get respect...i don't get checked so place your bets and yo m/fuck the rest cause i'm the m/f/n best

I lay to rest the fakers and the two faced niggaz that try to test me with a knife in my back so i took it out and stuck it back a counter attack and now im back yo i do the dream i do the machine

i look for truth where nothings what it seems yo the fields of dreams and the things I've seen i do believe the shades of blue the shades of green a site unseen what does it mean the faces look through time and tell you where we've been

and on and on and over again i take a look and take what i find i take a journey to the center of the mind i take the time i mind the matter ima long past gone type nigga yo the dawn is here and i'll shed no tears the sun shall rise and conquer the fear

below blue skies im always Jammin' fuckin jammin' got da jams on get ya jam on get the down ass dirty lip dip take a trip type shit ya never fit ya got mud on you face ya big disgrace somebody best put ya back into yo place fool know the rule i never suffer one i look to the sun time to let it rip...

Rollin back streets alley type seedy sheets of rain cover the night i ride in vain I don't need a gun i don't need no master plan i've got electric jams play bass with rubber bands don't need no band cause i'm the man i got an attitude and a will to jam


dont need no specs mr magoo defies the checks dont feel no stress no mofo mojo in you win dont wanna try to know why yo?

i cant find the words i search and seek i do the freak i break it down i dont need no sound i bought a vowel i got a verb and a noun compositional mental intentional dimensional structure bound by sound I got four letter words to break it down and then i'll drive the point home across town i go i dont know ya know do the time cross the great divide break on through to the other side