May 19, 2019



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Here's some thoughts I had in a thread at Harmony Central Forums regarding addiction. link

Here's a quote from Halljams, a cool friend at the forums. What follows is my thoughts in response to his comments and the thread in general.

"What about television? There isn't a person out there that could make a valid argument for the amount of time and life wasted on average watching television. If they try they are ignoring the truth and in desperation simply trying to justify their denial. It seems the last thing to be thought of as a vice or addiction to people, and yet it is the most common and crippling to peoples lives that we have. I know i am hated for being the one to point it out all the time, but alas, i have my chores here on this little planet and must fulfill them. There is nothing to hide behind tv watchers, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. The first step is Acknowledgment. This isn't a joke, wake up!"

I thought all the comments in the thread were good, but this one sticks out like a sore thumb. And past the addictive nature of television, have you ever read what that box does to you while you're watching it?

Electronic hypnosis for the masses. A box in every house became a box in every room. And they're trying to turn this box into that box.

Think outside the box.

The original thread was asking which vices are hardest to quit.

--As for the OP, cigarettes.

I'm not mad at tobacco, or mad at Philip Morris (Why do food manufacturers get to do the same thing and it's ok? [food science/re-engineering of raw ingredients for maximum potential-genetic crops-poisoning the general public, etc....]), and I'm not mad at anybody involved except for myself.

My own lack of moderation makes tobacco use detrimental to my health. This combined with my obvious lack of willpower regarding quiting.

The state of addiction is real. All these myths about addiction are false.

The only addiction is the lack of your own willpower. I don't care what your hooked on, it still comes back to your own willpower. You want to quit? Than quit. That's it. See how easy that was? You just quit and keep your word to yourself. Otherwise, that's all your doing is lying to yourself.

Yeah it's easier said than done, but Can't never did anything. Every excuse or reason you hold in defense of not quiting some vice is to justify lying to yourself.

Everybody has some disorder or disability: ADD, ADA, PDA, PDF, AHD, DDD, DVD, CCD, DPD, AHDCA, DC, PC, all these other acronymical constructs that renders them unable to use reason and logic. Philip Morris enslaved millions of people in their evil conspiracy to keep us addicted! Sue, sue, sue!!!

Where's my cut?

I actually was watching some show on Discovery and they were up in the schools and this kid was talking about how he had authoritive resistive disorder or some bullshit...this kid was wearing the standard issue punk rock attire on with a Hanes T all covered in Mark's Alot anarchy signs and I'm thinking, yeah I have that disorder....I appear to suffer from almost every psychological condition/chemical imbalance known to man according to resent research...but the kid was talking about Peace and the environment and animal rights and pacifism and I'm just thinking how punks are not the same breed they used to be...I grew up when punk was all about disorder and mayhem...true anarchy...but now anarchy means some form of civil libertarianism and some variant of libertarian socialism or some super fractured, divided and conquered segment of activism and I just think it's real hard to get everybody together on the simple things, the real things...but, the kid did appear to have some issues with authority that were not some "disorder"...sheesh...he was a punk!...but I bet they wanted to (or did) stick him on some psychotropic medication regimen and the kid's probably working the whole thing for free, I just don't believe half the shit I see anymore...

And of course, he has authoritive resistive disorder, which is the PC way of saying he's a freaking malcontent! Look at him! He's a product of a malformed society out of control and in decline. The Decline of Western Civilization is just some documentary. It's 30 years later and Howard Beale couldn't have been further from the truth. And you couldn't help but wonder about the kid's home life and upbringing. You guys know that when it comes to dissidence and propagandistic subversion, I'm hardcore. But, I'm not without manners and civility.

I'm not surprised we're all a bunch of addicts. Our society has no discipline.

And all these disorders and genetic defects allow us continue to lie to ourselves so we can get some more drugs and stay in denial.

So, do more drugs to numb yourself to the ruin and don't be an addict.

This makes about as much sense as nothing. Another reason to turn off the box.

Well, I think I've worked this rant for about all it's worth. Hope you enjoyed it and will take the time to consider what may appeal to your own common sense and reason.

At some point in the thread, we veered off into science fiction.

Quote from Bluestrat: "The end result of nature's process is entropy. Science and medicine try to slow it down. I had advanced osteo arthritis in my right knee with a disintegrated meniscus and lived with excruciating pain. I finally got a titanium replacement. During that whole process I had so many people telling me all I needed was this or that- "More glucosamine!" "More physical therapy!" "Rose hip tea!" "High colonics!" "Hypno-therapy for the pain!" etc etc etc I finally got it replaced. Problem solved. I'm all for natural cures and a holistic approach. But sometimes you just need good old fashioned medical care. Thank God for science.

I was just talking with the wife (RN) the other night about the future when you would spend the course of your life replacing various parts of your body with synthetic ones to become a you don't get old and die, ya know?

She pointed out a show that was showing how they made hip joint replacements and it looked like some high tech nasa enhanced titanium alloy of some sort. That's when I had the thought that in the near future, you should be able to extend your lifespan by a serious margin. Like hundreds of years, possibly dimensional immortality if consciousness can be transferred to the a machine. Which I was thinking could be very possible.

What if you had a test subject that stayed connected to brain wave monitoring for an extended period of time, perhaps permanently; such as with some sort of electromechanical neural interface that could be hooked up to external devices. (ala the Matrix )

Once you can interact on a neural level using the language of the machines, how long until somebody is able to shift their perception? I say not long. Think about it, if you could do something as simple as hook up a video camera to the brain, you could put a camera on the back of your head. Or, you could put a camera on a table and look at it while you talk to your self. And once your perception can be viewed through a machine, you are also conscious in the machine.

So, it's not long from there that you could build a better body and leave behind this frail mortal coil.

And really, titanium skeletons with internal marrow production will be old news once you shift consciousness. Once you shift, you don't need all these fixes and bandaids from medicine. Who's needs a body when I'm cruising around like Wall-E?

All these biological constraints are holding us back as a species.