May 19, 2019



100th Post Bailout Celebration!

How about this bailout nonsense, people?!

$700 billion.

$500,000 at the resort.

$7 billion for bonuses, etc.

Uh, Houston we have a problem.

And the two major candidates supported this bailout.

McCain, speaking on bailout vote: "To state the obvious, we are in the greatest financial crisis of our lifetimes. Congressional inaction has put every American and the entire economy at the gravest risk. Yesterday, the country and the world looked to Washington for leadership, and Congress once again came up empty-handed," he said. "Bipartisanship is a tough thing; never more so when you're trying to take necessary but publicly unpopular action. But inaction is not an option."
Obama, speaking on bailout vote: "To the Democrats and Republicans who opposed this plan yesterday, I say step up to the plate and do what's right for this country," he said. "And to all Americans, I say this: If and when I am president of the United States, this rescue plan will not be the end of what we do to strengthen this economy, it will only be the beginning. "It is not a time for politics. It is not a time for partisanship. It is not a time to figure out how to take credit or where to lay blame. It is not a time for politicians to concern themselves with the next election. ... It is a time for all of us to concern ourselves with the future of the country we love. This is a time for action," he said.
It's time for action, all right. Throw the two party jokers out. We're getting railroaded by these crooks. It seems bi-partisanship is a-ok when it means were gonna get screwed. Hey Joe, my business is hurting, can you loan me some money? Sure, I'll just max out 14 credit cards and we'll get you some operating cash, that way you can take a nice vacation and give yourself a big fat bonus for ruining your company. You can thank me later. No McBama '''NADER 08'''