Celebrating's 14 (created 2002) years on the web. I've had a presence online for I think about 15 years. It's been a wild ride. The site is in standby atm, but you can still check out the archive. Browse the maze of YouTube embeds if you're bored. Maybe some of my old jams or an antiquated rant of some sort. This was my home until all these social media entities swallowed me like The Borg.
Anything you find browsing around on strangersound may or may not reflect my current opinions. That was then, this is now. Learning is an ongoing process, ya know?
Still dba strangersound in most capacities. 'strangersound' on the end of the url of 99% of major sites and you'll find me.
Otherwise, check out the forums and you'll find me there. ;)